3ds Max Plug-ins

3ds Max plug-in technologies can help you create breathtaking CGI renders while adding to the efficiency of your workflow. Their power will help achieve effects that would be difficult or impossible without them and their cost is such that a single job can pay for them.

Allegorithmic is the creator of Substance, a new kind of plug-in that boosts bitmaps into stunning and dynamic materials. Transform any photo into a seamlessly tiled bitmap at the resolution you need.

cebas VISUAL TECHNOLOGY provides cutting edge rendering, effects and particle technologies that are not only cost-effective, but are user-friendly all while producing stunning results.

3d-io has built their reputation on stellar UV Mapping and productivity plug-in tools that help artists get past the tedious work of unwrapping their objects and managing their UV sets.

DDAG & EPHERE have collaborated on the robust and industry standard hair and fur solution for 3ds Max called Hairtrix. Blending the best of two independent plug-in tools, this new suite offers users a path to creating hair easily, with output to multiple renderers including mental ray.

Di-O-Matic has assembled some of the most artist-friendly character plug-in tools on the market today. Used on their own or together, you'll find your productivity skyrocket and you'll be able to deliver your animation to clients quicker than you could possibly imagine.

Craft Animations Director Tools allow artists to simulate the complex physical behaviors or cameras and all manner of vehicles using any input device they like, whether it's a mouse and keyboard, joystick or game pad. Raise your composition skills up to new heights with these powerful tools.

Given the increased need for architects and engineers to communicate visually with their clients, the nPower Software product line is an invaluable asset to have. Quickly translate most popular CAD formats into 3ds Max for hero rendering and presentation. Moreover, their advanced NURBS tools allow designers to develop concepts quickly right within 3ds Max making turnaround that much faster. Check them out today!

Mankua provides texturing plug-ins that give artists total control over how they map all of the elements in their scene, as well as how to bake out the various mapping types (including Normal maps) for use within today's game engines.

With over a decade's worth of plug-in programming experience, David Gould has produced one of the easiest cartoon and illustration engines available for a 3ds Max artist in Illustrate!. Whether your need precise technical drawings with hidden lines or Saturday morning cartoon glory, his tools can deliver.

Batzal Software lets artists quickly model and texture high quality roofs inside 3ds Max by using a set of efficient tools. Ideal for architects and designers, the roof can be modeled in mere seconds using your sketch's plan view and given any roofing material type (shingles/tiles) needed.

Digital Raster has produced a major time-saving technology that allows Maya users to avoid the pain and suffering associated with learning new keyboard shortcuts within 3ds Max. Instead, their plug-in allows you to quickly revert back to your familiar Maya keyboard shortcuts for viewport navigation.