Matt Wisdom


Company Co-founder, former 3D animator and software engineer. Keeps the tentacles swimming in the same direction.

Chris Phillips


An original Squid staff member, managed many departments along the way; the perfect primer for his current role of overseeing operations.

Mark Kurt


Ruler of our IT kingdom. Wrangler of developers. Makes the impossible possible (technically speaking).

Eric Arvidson


Oversees accounting, finance, and corporate development. He loves when accounts balance.

Paul Teall

GM Content Group

Manager of inspectors, keeper of schedules. Working to certify high-quality content at epic scales.

Beau Perschall

VP Business Development

3D graphics vet since 1993. Animator, software developer, now busy building bridges with major TS partners.

Matt Hales

VP of Creative

Founding staffer with 20 years of stereoscopic 3D production; now directing TurboSquid’s Virtual Reality Lab.

Dan Lion

VP of Sales

25 years in digital technology sales. Oversees all sales activities. Finds new clients. Keeps established clients coming back for more.

Jonathan Lloyd

VP Product Development

Charged with keeping TS cutting edge. The driving force behind the development of new and emerging products.

Adele Tiblier

VP Marketing

Drives traffic that drives dollars. Living in a world of acronyms (SEO, SEM, SMO, CRM) and action words (maximize, strategize, optimize).

Cory Fabre

VP Engineering

Building the ultimate platform that will live up to the mantra: 'Machines should work. People should think.'

Deanna Sparkman

VP of HR, Support & Operations

Deals with people. Pays people. Talks to people. Makes sure people are taken care of.