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500 Motion Capture Collection BIP

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Character Studio Biped
Product ID:645003
Frame Rate:NTSC 30fps
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On this product, you'll find over 500 motion capture files in 37 categories that can help you build lifelike motion for all of your animated characters in an incredibly short amount of time.

All of the files in this collection are designed to be used with Discreet's Character StudioTM R2.x plug-in. They are all in Biped's native .BIP file format so all you have to do is load them and play back the animation with your Biped character.

Since each motion is saved as a Biped file, you can use them as a basis for further refinement and tweaking using the Motion Flow and layering controls within CS2.

Below is a listing of the categories that are represented by this collection:

01 Sitting in chair and talking (4 motions)
02 Sitting in chair and drinking (3 motions)
03 Sitting to standing (7 motions)
04 Walk in, sit down (23 motions)
05 Seated Conversations (6 motions)
06 Walk and run cycles (44 motions)
07 Transitions (4 motions)
08 Walking with Large Box (4 motions)
09 Walking with limp (13 motions)
10 Walking with hands in pockets (21 motions)
11 Walking with cane (4 motions)
12 Walking with parasol (10 motions)
13 Walks with umbrella (9 motions)
14 Character walks (18 motions)
15 Character walks and runs (34 motions)
16 Walk in, negotiate obstacle, walk out (26 motions)
17 Carrying bags and weights (49 motions)
18 Blind person (4 motions)
19 Drunken adults (9 motions)
20 Drunken teenagers (8 motions)
21 Disabilities – Crutches (22 motions)
22 Bunny Girl (13 motions)
23 Walking and lying down (6 motions)
24 Sweeping with broom (11 motions)
25 Scrubbing Floor (2 motions)
26 Various kneeling and bowing (7 motions)
27 Ambient moves (35 motions)
28 Picking Things Up (9 motions)
29 Opening Doors (16 motions)
30 Standing Conversations, Addresses (9 motions)
31 Office (3 motions)
32 Dancing (6 motions)
33 Sport Moves (15 motions)
34 Driving (7 motions)
35 Manual Labor (17 motions)
36 Gym Characters (12 motions)
37 Throwing and catching (10 motions)

If you have any questions or problems with the collection, please contact me.

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