Car Rig Script v1.4

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Oct 18, 2012
very good and well finish , the only one for now with very clean material , very pro
This is a Car Rig Script that allow you to easy animate your car or any kind of vehicles

- The Script has a floater dialog with pickbuttons and some car parameters
- Just pick your car mesh objects and press 'Create the Rig' to have a full rig and Control shapes that controls all the movments of the car
- you can change some parameters like the suspension type, Wheel travel limit, suspension position and wheel diameter.

- you will have these controllers :
a - Root Controller : controls the transform of the Car
b - Drift Controller : rotate it makes the Car drifts
c - Steering Controller : move it to steer left and right
d - Momentum Controller : move it to give the Car some realistic movements when accelerate, break and turning left or right
e - Wheel Controllers : controls the vertical movement of the wheels (Suspension)

To see how it works search on youtube my name 'anasyakoub' then 'Car Rig Script' and and there more videos also under my name

Hope You Like it
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