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NOTE: this is a 3ds Max thinking particles system for VFX. All images Copyright of artist/studio, for viewing only pls refrain from using. No further charges besides the normal software licensing. thinkingParticles 6.3 is available as a yearly subscription of $660 which includes instant download of any updates therefrom. For all needed info, please visit or email
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Category:Particle System
Host Application:3ds max
Host Version:2014 - 2016
Operating System:Windows
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thinkingParticles is one of cebas flagship plugins widely known for its fully procedural and physically accurate, real world destruction and special effects simulations in the movie industry.

Countless blockbuster movies and projects have depended on thinkingParticles' limitless ability to portray advanced physics-based particle effects that are simply mind-blowing!

Leading the world of fully procedural fluid dynamics and soft body simulations; thinkingParticles Release 6.2 (2015) covered almost any possible scenarios of, what is known as, the 'multi-physics' effects, including atmospheric smoke effects.

And with the release of 6.3 on March 2016, Cebas cranks up even more power for the thinkingParticles UI Cache and Particles Import-Export system, plus a stunning new flowSolver algorithm! Now, you can import your tP particles right into Maya, Houdini or Cinema4D!

This simply means greater artistic license to create and re-create countless combined simulations involving fluid dynamics, soft bodies and rigid bodies in multiple actions, down to a realistic particle level.

New Features Highlights - thinkingParticles 6.3
- Up to 10 Xs faster, file to file Cache Read/Write
- Alembic Particle System enabled Import/Export supporting all applications using Alembic imports including Maya, Houdini, Cinema4D.

A new frame based particle cache file system now allows for the storage of a cache file per frame step (.tpc). Writing a cache file is now up to 10 times faster than before; this means the disk transfer functions have been optimized by a wide margin. Catch the Caching Video Tutoria at Youtube/cebasVT

Implicit Surface Operator (ISO 6.3) brings a new method to thinkingParticles allowing for the creation of flat surfaces out of point clouds. It's the perfect tool for creating surfaces for liquids with a smooth and even surface. Watch the ISO Video

A new algorithm option has been added to the rollout menu for the thinkingParticles SPH based fluid solver; the new SPH2 method offers a much more improved and stable method to create fluids that are under larger pressure and bigger sub frame steps. Watch the flowSolver Video Tutorial:

A game changer, your 3dsMax - thinkingParticles vfx files can now be exported/imported into Maya, Houdini and Cinema4D as an Alembic Particle System. 3ds Max was not build to export particles. Cebas has build this right into thinkingParticles 6.3 to facilitate inter-platform vfx. Catch the Alembic Tutorial:

As with every new major release, new functions, stabilizations and enhancements have been added to thinkingParticles.

thinkingParticles 6.2 upgraded the physics solver into one multi-physics integrated solution driving all future versions of thinkingParticles. thinkingParticles 6.2 onwards were programmed with dedicated Fluid Simulation System, empowering the creation of evermore realistic and diverse on-screen fluid effects.

In 2016, thinkingParticles 6.3 widens the playing field for our users with greater particles import/export and powerful Cache Read/Write. There is more to come. With Subscription and ongoing release of Drops (updates), you are sure to experience ever more specific particle effects capabilities!

Cebas Visual Technology developer team offers you a fully integrated particle system: powerful, updateable, and most of all command operators and parameters that makes a difference to your VFX scenes.
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