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In case you hesitated with your purchase yet because you were wondering if both training DVDs would come cheaper in the bundle we are happy to tell you that saving time is here!
Get both DVDs in one shipment and enjoy 16 hours of training on Particle Flow Toolbox 1,2,3,Krakatoa and RayFire.

The complete course outline:

Box 1 videos:

   1. Feather Rig
   2. Scripted Fracture
   3. Laola Wave
   4. Brittle Wall
   5. Floating Money

Box 3 Pro videos:

   1. Introduction
   2. Driving Particles with Grayscale values
   3. Gradient by Distance
   4. Speed by Gradient
   5. Color by Camera Angle
   6. Ocean Wake Particles
   7. Revolve along Surface
   8. Pipe Sub-Operator
   9. Random Sub-Operator
10. Align to Object
11. Positional Object Locks
12. Force Influencer
13. Influence by Distance
14. Animated Collisions
15. Fire Embers
16. Shape Controls
17. Nanomites Part 1
18. Nanomites Part 2
19. Contol by Proxy
20. Pimp my Toolbox

Box 2 Pro videos:

   1. Introduction
   2. Explaining the Glue Operator
   3. Me & My Katamari
   4. Squash
   5. Donuts
   6. Bomb
   7. Particle Cloth
   8. Capture Net
   9. Bamboo Ragdoll
10. Foliage
11. Ripping & Tearing
12. Glass Shattering

Box 2 Pro & Box 3 Pro videos:

   1. Box 2 & 3: Bomb
   2. Box 2 & 3: Avalanche
   3. Pimp my Toolbox

RayFire videos:

   1. Grayscale Fracture
   2. Activate by Force
   3. Custom Properties
   4. Glue

Be aware that these DVDs have been created at a resolution of 1440x872 and will only run from a DVD Drive connected to your PC. No additional software needs to be installed in order to view the training.

All sales of these DVDs are final. NO REFUNDS.

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