Video Master Class 3dsmax 2009 Vol.6.1 english

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The video lessons of this master are personal, they cannot be
used for business purposes or to be give up to third, the personal copy is allowed for
of back up.
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Video Master Class 3dsmax 2009 volume 6.1:
Editable Poly Learning

Chapter 6.1

In this sixth Video Master class in3dsmax 2009
you will begin a path of learning dedicate
to the managementthe powerful editable poly.
The master classes are illustrated in a clear and complete treatment
Completed the master you will be able to manage the many
aspects of management in the editable poly.

In the Master are analyzed all the Roll outs in the top level and
the Roll outs in the sub object vertex.
You will be able to manage the tools of Selection vertex Edge
Polygon Element, the selections Soft Selection, the techniques of Paint
Selection, the management of the Brush, the use of Tablet Paint and the
Paint Deformation, the formalities of Edit Vertices, the management
of the Edit Geometry, the formulations of the Smoothing Groups
the modeling Subdivision Surface and the Subdivision Displacement
of this powerful modelingtool.
This master is indicate to all the consumers that have necessity
to understand in detailthe functions of the editable poly
with examples step by step.

the master is separated in two chapters that will be published in succession.
You attach to the lessons they are available the files 3dsmax 2009.

They are present: video avi codec xvid - resolution 800 xes 600
in modality smart focus zoom in the zones of greater importance
The master has a duration of 4 hours and 50 minutes, language english

Index of the lessons:







3dsmax_2009_mod6_007_Preview Selection

3dsmax_2009_mod6_008_Soft Selection

3dsmax_2009_mod6_009_Soft Selection_edgs

3dsmax_2009_mod6_010_Soft Selection_Falloffs

3dsmax_2009_mod6_011_Soft Selection_edit_polies

3dsmax_2009_mod6_012_Paint Soft Selection

3dsmax_2009_mod6_013_Paint Soft Selection brush

3dsmax_2009_mod6_014_ brushes maneger

3dsmax_2009_mod6_015_ Pressure Options

3dsmax_2009_mod6_016_ Soft selection example

3dsmax_2009_mod6_017_ Paint deformation

3dsmax_2009_mod6_018_ Edit Vertices

3dsmax_2009_mod6_019_ Edit Vertices B

3dsmax_2009_mod6_020_ Edit Geometry

3dsmax_2009_mod6_021_ Edit Geometry Attach Detach

3dsmax_2009_mod6_022_ Edit Geometry Slice and Cut

3dsmax_2009_mod6_023_ Edit Geometry Align

3dsmax_2009_mod6_024_ Edit Geometry Relax

3dsmax_2009_mod6_025_ Edit Geometry Hide Copy Interactive

3dsmax_2009_mod6_026_ Vertex Properties

3dsmax_2009_mod6_027_ Smoothing Groups

3dsmax_2009_mod6_028_Subdivision Surface

3dsmax_2009_mod6_029_Subdivision Surface 2

3dsmax_2009_mod6_030_Subdivision Displacement


Licenses contained scenes in the progress:

The file 3dsmax and the video lessons of this master arepersonal, they cannot be used
for business purposes or to be surrendered to third.
the personal copy is allowed for the back up.

Mak21 is an operator 3dsmax certified advanced level DISCREET
Mak21 is an operator 3dsmax certified advanced rendering AUTODESK
Mak21 is an operator 3dsmax certified architectural visualization AUTODESK

video Instruction request password english and italian
for master class and video course Mak 21
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