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Bedroom Macau is a furniture system with 6 elements: bed, two different nightstands, dresser, wardrobe and a tall mirror.
The parametric dimension of the 3D models enables them to be used in different scenes with other functions (sidetables, sideboard, office place)
The assets dresser, the 2 nightstands and closet have 3 material parameters for wood frame, drawers/front panels and handles.
The Bed has 3 material parameters for wood frame, front panels and matress fabric.
The Mirror has 2 material parameters for glass mirror and metal frame.

Parametric objects: bed, nightstands and dresser.
Note 1: the wardrobe' height (2400mm) is a fixed dimension.
Length and Depth are parametric dimensions.
Note 2: the mirror has an inclined mirror panel.
Its depth is a fixed dimension, while length and height are parametric dimensions (as seen in the 3D views).
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