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FumeFX: Advanced - the Ultimate Solution for FumeFX Training

Just released, the new and highly anticipated FumeFX: Advanced training focuses on many of the advanced subjects for fluid simulations: creating photo-realistic fire and smoke and massive explosions that rival most real explosions and stock footage. This 2 DVD set prepares both intermediate and professionals alike for tackling the most difficult of visual effects shots with confidence and a solid knowledge and understanding of fluids, particles, shaders and compositing; allowing them to conquer the most ambitious FX shots while approaching the task with production proven techniques.

This pair of incredible DVDs cover industry techniques and walk the viewer through many practical examples of real life visual effects shots; from the initial pre-production and planning through building of MaxScripts to automate tasks, dealing with containers and FumeFX settings all the way through rendering and finally compositing of the final effects elements into your shots.

With high resolution and crystal clear sound, and over 24 hours of video this 2 disc DVD set is the ultimate training solution for both film and game studios alike! And while this set of discs are aimed at advanced users, the tutorials still cover topics thoroughly and explains methods clearly enough that most people should still be able to follow at any level. That said, having a solid understanding of FX is recommended to get the most out of this set.

Just look at the course outline:


  1. Introduction
  2. Creating Realistic Fire And Flames
  3. Utilizing Masking Channels For Fire
  4. Creating A Realistic Flamethrower
  5. SIGGRAPH 2008 - Digital Pyrotechnics Master class
  6. Practical Example Of Lighting A Man On Fire
  7. Explosions And Pyro 101
  8. Utilizing Vectors To Drive Particles
  9. Scripting
  10. Animating Time Values
  11. Temperature Maps And Other Values
  12. Advanced Explosions
  13. Advanced Pipelines For Automating Fluid Creation And Particle FX
  14. Practical Exercise: Creating A Car Bomb Explosion


  1. Practical Exercise: Helicopter Destruction A
  2. Practical Exercise: Helicopter Destruction B

Be aware that these DVDs have been created at a resolution of 1024x768 and will only run from a DVD Drive connected to your PC.

All sales of these DVDs are final. NO REFUNDS.

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