Turbo Training: Advanced Visual Effects 2

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Jun 28, 2006
Aug 11, 2006
Sep 23, 2010
Allan McKay focusses on one project in this DVD. He shows you how to work through the problems in detail. You will learn a lot about Pflow and Glu-3Ds Pwrapper to make your particles look like lava. I liked his Advanced Visual Effects #1 even better.
Visual Effects guru and particle effects master Allan McKay is back with another round of stellar particle effects as part of his latest training kit: Turbo Training: Advanced Visual Effects 2.

This time out, Allan has created seven new project-based tutorials that push the built-in Particle Flow particle system to the limit and beyond. With a running length of over 6 hours, this training DVD is aimed at intermediate and advanced users. Allan starts off with easier effects like creating a DNA strand out of particles, then ramps up to more complex natural effects including procedural lava and particle fire, as well as building a crumbling iceberg, splashing barrels and exploding tanks.

To achieve several of these effects, Allan spends time showcasing two Autodesk Certified Animation Plug-ins: AfterBurn 3 and Particle Flow Tools: Box 1 and discusses how they can extend what the core PFlow particle system can do.

Finally, Allan illustrates how to set up your render passes and through the use of Eyeon's Digital Fusion compositing application, blends the various layers together to achieve the final effects.

Just look at this course outline:

Project 1: DNA Strand
Particle Flow Setup
Total Running Time: 19:03

Project 2: Point Fire
Project Overview
Particle Flow Setup
Digital Fusion Composite
Alternate Point Fire: Fire On Ground
Total Running Time: 19:58

Project 3: Oozing Lava
Project Overview
Particle Flow Setup Part 1
Particle Flow Setup Part 2
Materials Part 1
Materials Part 2
Lava Lights
Render Pass Setup
Digital Fusion Composite
Total Running Time: 1:19:40

Project 4: Barrel Splash
Project Overview
Particle Flow Setup
Using LockBond (PFlow Tools)
Splash Setup
Splash Material
Foam Setup
Foam Material
AfterBurn Setup
Digital Fusion Composite
Total Running Time: 1:57:53

Project 5: Icebergs
Project Overview
Particle Flow Setup Part 1
Particle Flow Setup Part 2
Total Running Time: 41:30

Project 6: Tank Explosion
Project Overview
AfterBurn Explosion Setup
Particle Flow Setup
Re-purpose of Preset (PFlow Tools)
Total Running Time: 1:08:30

Project 7: Particle Tanks
Project Overview
Particle Flow Setup
Using MAXScript to control the Tanks
Total Running Time: 26:05

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