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8 Hedges Collection/Architect Visualisation High Resolution

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Included Formats
JPEG +TGA+3dsma
Photoshop 4/CS/CS2
Product ID:290556
Color Depth:24 bit
Alpha Channel:Yes
Multiple Layers:Yes
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8 Hedges Texture Layers - High Resolution

Perfectly tileable horizontally

1 - Franchet Cotoneaster (Cottoneaster franchetti)
2 - White Oleander - Rose Bay (nerium oleander)
3 - Cherry laurel (Prunus laurocerasus)
4 - Oleaster (Elaeagnus angustifolia)
5 - Silverberry - Silverthorn - (Elaeagnus pungens)
6 - Cherry Laurel (prunus rotundifolia)
7 - Firethorn Orange (Pyracantha coccinea)
8 - Algerian Ivy (hedera algeriensis)

Bonus: High Quality Grass texture 2048 X 2048 pixels

Formats provided:
1/ Diffuse Map: Jpeg compression 9 + Alpha/opacity Map: Targa + 3DSMAX5 file
2/ Photoshop layers uncompressed (250Mb)

Huge Resolution::up to 3200 pix X 2000 pix

Accurate Alpha Maps: They are designed to work with a bright background AND a dark background so the plants interact well between each others.

Comprehensive nomenclature including scientific plant names, common plants names and Plant Heights:.

3D files included:: each texture comes with his own loft object + shader (3dsmax5 file)

Please check the High res previews below

a more complete hedges collection is available here :
Product ID :246557

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