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Massive Grass V1 - 6144...
by 3DRes
Massive Grass V1 - 6144px resolution!
Massive Grass V1 - 6144px resolution!
Massive Grass V1 - 6144px resolution!
Massive Grass V1 - 6144px resolution!
Massive Grass V1 - 6144px resolution!
Massive Grass V1 - 6144px resolution!
Massive Grass V1 - 6144px resolution!
Massive Grass V1 (Premium Quality)
Amazingly High resolution Photographic grass texture of outstanding quality. Tiles seamlessly in both directions. Ideal for real time 3D applications & games, architectural visualization, Pre-rendered 3D, and 2D Design. At a maximum 6144 * 6144 resolution it’s ideal for anyone in need of a high resolution grass texture. Texture also comes in smaller sizes, the smaller of which, 512px & 1024px, are tillable with no repetition effect (see preview). All sizes are perfectly seamless.

Included files
(all Jpegs have compression 12/12 - maximum quality, 24bit):
* massive_grass_v1_512.jpg        ~Low resolution more suited for real time applications.
* massive_grass_v1_1024.jpg         ~Medium resolution, suitable for real time & Highly populated pre-rendered scenes.
* massive_grass_v1_2048.jpg        ~High resolution. On par with Next-Gen real time texture sizes.
* massive_grass_v1_4096.jpg        ~Very high resolution, ideal for high res renderings & close-ups.
* massive_grass_v1_6144.jpg        ~Simply huge resolution. Specialty purposes, good for resizing from to achieve any desired size.

About Premium textures from 3DRes
* Seamlessly tiled whenever possible.
* free of lighting gradations ensuring perfect tiling.
* High resolution when appropriate (at least 2048 pixels in one or both dimensions when appropriate).
* Lens distortion free.
* Highest quality compression (jpg's always 100% compression, ensuring no artifacts).
* Anomaly free (features that don't belong on a texture edited out - i.e. a single leaf on concrete).
* Multi layered whenever possible (diffuse, bump, normal, specular maps, opacity, etc).
* Normal / bump maps are created from actually 3D modeled geometry for amazingly accurate elevation!
* Texture Documentation included (how to use normal maps, specular maps, etc)
* Texture packs include windows icons for easy organization / identification of categories.

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Product ID:286872
Color Depth:24 bit
Alpha Channel:No
Multiple Layers:No
massiveGrassV1_largePreview.jpg 792 KB
High resolution preview / demo.
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