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Aug 4, 2004
Aug 5, 2004
Excellent tutorials. Each topic is covered step-by-step, very clear.

The video quality is also excellent because of the TechSmith codec.

Max scene files are included with a lot of tutorials. Also a copy of AfterBurn 3.1 (Demo version) is included.

Very good!

Aug 7, 2004
Outstanding tutorials with step-by-step on how to use particle flow. The video and audio are encoded with techsmith and are both clean and clear.

Each tutorial comes with a max file so you can see the results if you missed something.

From first glance, Particle flow seemed more complex than maya's particle system, but after doing 4 tutorials, its very understandable. I tired doing online tutorials, but I didn't have the same success as I did with Allan McKay's DVD.

I highly recom

Aug 9, 2004
There is no better material than this.
Sep 29, 2004
Really impressive Tutorials in superior quality for an unbeatable price!

Tip: to further enhance quality, download the free "camtasia player" from www.techsmith.com for viewing.
youl'll get lossless quality of the screen recordings!

Nov 27, 2004
Jan 19, 2005
Jan 20, 2005
Furious Productions
Sep 19, 2006
Jun 11, 2008
Jul 9, 2005
Aug 14, 2007
Sep 6, 2005
Oct 14, 2005
The quality of sound its bad.
The action of Allan in the diferents tutorials its fast and caotic for a good comprension. And the dvd dont is edit with a good quality.
Mar 21, 2010
Jul 23, 2007
If you’re looking for training beyond the basics, then the Advanced Visual Effects DVD is for you. This DVD volume (part of the new Turbo Training collection) contains over 14 hours of material from special effects creator and Particle Flow master Allan McKay.

Aimed at intermediate and advanced users, the Advanced Visual Effects DVD showcases much of Allan’s talent and techniques for producing incredible animation using 3ds Max and the Particle Flow particle system. Starting with simple examples, Allan works up to more complex effects including generating procedural tornados and volcanoes, as well as a drip system that must be seen to be believed. He also covers topics including the use of procedural materials, reactor 2 physics basics.

Additionally, an entire section is devoted to his use of Autodesk Certified Animation Plug-in AfterBurn 3, showing how he makes believable explosions, ground fog, clouds and more.

Just look at the DVD index:

I. Particle Flow Basics
    1.1 - Introduction
    1.2 - Tests
    1.3 - Going thru Events
    1.4 - Particle Loops
    1.5 - Building Flows
    1.6 - Deflectors
    1.7 - Freeform Demo

II. Simple Particle Effects
    2.1 - Attract Particles
    2.2 - Push Particles
    2.3 - Velocity Tests
    2.4 - Ocean Whitecaps
    2.5 - Sequential Dispersion
    2.6 - Flocking Birds
    2.7 - Laser Airstrike
    2.8 - Procedural Footprints
    2.9 - Ion Cannon
    2.10 - Sticky Fluids

III.   Using Procedurals
    3.1 - Creating a chasm
    3.2 - Eroding a Planet
    3.3 - Craggy Surface
    3.4 - Conform to a Surface
    3.5 - Acid Burn

IV. AfterBurn Effects
    4.1 – AfterBurn Combustion Intro
    4.2 – AfterBurn Clouds
    4.3 – Explosion Type I
    4.4 – AfterBurn Fog
    4.5 – Fog Bank
    4.6 – Explosion Type II
    4.7 – Asteroid
    4.8 – Fireball

V. Dynamics & Reactor
    5.1 – reactor 2 Basics
    5.2 – Fracture Part I
    5.3 – Fracture Part II
    5.4 – Particles and Geometry

VI. Advanced Effects
    6.1 – Volcano
    6.2 – Tornado
    6.3 – Drip System Part I
    6.4 – Drip System Part II
    6.5 – Drip System Part III

Be aware that this DVD has been created at a resolution of 1024x768, therefore it will only function inside of a DVD Drive connected to your PC.

All sales of this DVD are final. NO REFUNDS.

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