Gobekli Tepe

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The discovery of Göbekli Tepe, an ancient site in south-eastern Turkey, has turned the scientific world upside down and asks us to rethink what we thought we knew about early man. This site, dated at an incredible +11,500 years ago features structures created and designed by early man - at a time when humans were thought to be in the hunter-gatherer stage and not capable of banding together for an organized project of this scale, let alone have the level of intelligence needed to create these type of structures and artwork.

This model, featuring Enclosure D - the most well preserved circular structure discovered so far - is an attempt to capture the mystique and wonder of this ancient site. Not only are the 'T' shaped megaliths faithfully reproduced, the awe-inspiring ancient artwork has been meticulously added by hand for a beautiful representation of the actual reliefs at the site.

The majority of textures (included) are 1600 X 1600. Two HDRI maps (also included) provide a realistic daytime illumination and background to model renders.
Bump maps (included) were specifically created to reproduce the ancient reliefs as seen at the site.

The final renders as shown were created in Blender Cycles. This, as well as final compositing, are included in the .blend file and easily reproduced with the open source Blender 3D program. Necessary lighting setup and other settings for other formats (such as .3ds or .obj) for final render are not included. However, those formats are included here for ease of importing into other 3D packages.

This model complies with CheckMate Lite/Pro specifications but is not officially certified by TurboSquid staff, since they currently have no CheckMate certification process for the Blender 3D package. The artist guarantees the quality and is willing to fix any errors via support.

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