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This 3D model (computer generated image and graphic) represents a cartoon style version of na ufo or alien spaceship, as a playfull decorative element to be used in outdoors environments or scenes (city, parks or squares).
An 'Elevator' structure adds an extra element to allow the ufo to be included in more elaborated scenes and syfy sets (as seen in 3d views and wireframes).
The asset has 4 materials, for main structure, superior and inferior decks and 2 different light tones.
This model includes an inner light source to be seen when the elevator is lowered (see thumbnails and wireframes).
Fixed dimensions: 800x3000mm (HxD)
Parametric dimensions: Placement Height + Elevator
Note I: Alien not included.
Note II: This model has 2 file versions (Revit 2012 and Revit 2010)
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