3ds max 2014 Populate Architecture vol.1 English cd front

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Video Master Class 3dsmax 2014 Populate in Architecture
Vol.1 English cd front

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Topics: procedure with the New People Tools for tion
the character on animation in architectural visualizations.
Managing the flow of characters and their modification, settings
preferences of ethnicity, gender, direction, management of cross-flow.

Settings of groups of people and changing the space occupied
by the characters in relation to the architectural surface, the techniques
addition and subtraction boolean of the crowds.

Tips for managing and snap positioning accuracy the flows and Idle Areas.
Management of new single and multiple ramps.
tion of people with low and high resolution.

Management the materials and the viewport setting.
Examples of static rendering in mental ray 3:11
Examples of Animated rendering in mental ray 3:11
Advanced management of the final ghater and rendering settings.
Saving the final animation in the new Ram Player.

Attach to the lessons are available the files 3dsmax 2014
There are 16 video Avi xvid codec 1280 x 800, with Star Force Player.
in modality smart focus zoom in the zones of greater importance
The master has a duration of 2 hours, Language: English.

Note: the translation in English
and and the voice is made through a computer voice.
Download the free presentation for listen an example

Index lessons :

001_3dmax 2014_Populate_Introduction_english

002_3dmax 2014_Populate_Creation Flow_english

003_3dmax 2014_Populate_Snap To Flow_english

004_3dmax 2014_Populate_Modify the Flow_english

005_3dmax 2014_Populate_The Ramp on the Flow_english

006_3dmax 2014_Populate_Density_Sex_Direction on flow_english

007_3dmax 2014_Populate_Position_Ethnicity_Flow_english

008_3dmax 2014_Populate_Cross_The_Flow_english

009_3dmax 2014_Populate_Create the Idle Area_english

010_3dmax 2014_Populate_Change brush_Idle Area_english

011_3dmax 2014_Populate_Modify_Idle Area_Boolean_english

012_3dmax 2014_Populate_Idle Area_Groupi_ and Orientation Singles

013_3dmax 2014_Populate_Idle Area_Option Samples_english

014_3dmax 2014_Populate_Display People_english

015_3dmax 2014_Populate_Resolution and Material Characters_english

016_3dmax 2014_Populate_Animation in Mental ray_english

Mak21 is an operator 3dsmax certified advanced level DISCREET
Mak21 is an operator 3dsmax certified advanced rendering AUTODESK
Mak21 is an operator 3dsmax certified architectural visualization AUTODESK
Mak21 is an operator Autocad certified AUTODESK
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