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Revit Design 2010
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A modern and detailed townhouse (exterior model) designed for the creation of contemporary street render scenes. The house was designed with the architecture style of the nordic european townhouse, with the front facing the street and the backyard giving to a river or water channel (modern boat house). Its floor plan design includes a interior space (for a possible garden) with a sloped glass roof. Interior: Furniture it is not included, only interior walls, stair and doors were added to create more realistic images when rendered from the exterior.
House: 8x15meters (fixed dimensions).
Note I: different materials were chosen to the exterior walls, in the different render images, to show to the user different design options.
Note II: the side house fronts (with brick material) shown in 1st and 2nd images, were placed only for design reasons and they are not included in the model file.
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