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Work like a Technical Director of a major studio at a great value
What could take a Technical director weeks can now be completed in 30 seconds

PRO Quadruped Auto Rig Enhanced Features:

1. Key frame control rig that is both forward kinematic and inverse kinematic
2. Over 7000 commands are completed in thirty seconds.
3. Design construction of the deformation portion of the rig, (the areas that most riggers and animators have difficulty with), the shoulders and hips, are entirely unbreakable due to the control setup- making this also a technical animation rig
4. Joint based muscle flexing idle for games and film
5. Separate skeletal chains that enables easy exporting
6. Facial GUI that is automatically generated
7. The rig is entirely scalable for different scenes in a film or game
8. Over 5000 lines of code
9. “Leaf joints” set up to have total control over rotational value due to additional controls making the wrist, shin, upper arm, and upper leg unbreakable.
10. The spine, neck, and limbs are able to be squashed and stretched
11. Individual Controls on the “leaf” joints of the limbs enable the rig to be moved in virtually any position and deformed in any way

FREE updates and support as quickly as I can

Brent Zorich Productions LLC

Tool Designer Resume: Lucasfilm, Electronic Arts, Take 2 Interactive, DreamWorks Outreach Program
If you have had a chance to check out some of my screen shots you might say I have worked on a couple of interesting projects.

- Worked for the architectural firms ranked number one (Gensler) and number two (NBBJ) in the world as an interior architect; graduated from the department of Industrial Design at THE Ohio State University- the top rated design school in the country.
- Masters of Arts in Computer Visualization at ACCAD at THE Ohio State University focusing his research in bio mechanical character setup working directly with supervisors from DreamWorks SKG

Technical Design Experience Includes:
- Take 2 Interactive (the award winning title 2K)
- EA Sports (including research on MADDEN, the top selling title in North America).
- Lucasfilm, Ltd. (part of the team on film game convergence by collaborating on global “IP” related projects while working with all three divisions: LucasArts, Lucasfilm Animation, and Industrial Light and Magic).
- Alumni of Lucas and Indiana Jones (Steven Spielberg IP)
- Creature Research and Development at Industrial Light & Magic with the Department Supervisor.
- Selected by The Director of Animation Technology (former Chief Technology Officer at Peter Jackson’s Weta Digital) to be on the Lucasfilm, Ltd. steering committee setting best practices and digital standards for Lucasfilm, Ltd. globally (LucasArts, Lucasfilm Animation, and Industrial Light & Magic).
- Executive Training Course at Lucasfilm, Ltd.
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