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Waterfowl Cutout Collection

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Product ID:702441
Color Depth:8 bit
Alpha Channel:Yes
Multiple Layers:No
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A collection of cut out images of Canada geese, mallards, swans and coots in various poses standing, swimming, feeding etc..

Ideal as elements to be added on a rendering during post processing in Photoshop, GIMP, etc. Can also be used as a texture in a 3D scene and an opacity map for each item is also included.

File formats in the zip file include .psd, .jpg, .png.

Canada Goose-1         2064 x 2000
Canada Goose-2         2726 x 1457
Canada Goose-3         1000 x 246
Canada Goose-4         725 x 350
Canada Goose-5         656 x 542
Canada Goose-6         469 x 514
Canada Goose-7         562 x 324
Canada Goose-8         665 x 431
Canada Goose-9         437 x 1000
Canada Goose-10         567 x 1033
Coot-1         650 x 438
Coot-2         566 x 690
Coot-3         800 x 604
Female Mallard-1        533 x 1000
Male & Female Mallard        433 x 281
Male Mallard-1         654 x 676
Male Mallard-2         452 x 276
Male Mallard-3         400 x 209
Swan-1         1000 x 419
Swan-2         1000 x 819
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