Achrona the Telehaptic

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3ds Max 9 Default Scanline
3ds Max 9 mental ray 3.5
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Unwrapped UVs:Yes, non-overlapping
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Achrona the augented telehaptic (remote/digitally controlled) girl with a secondary nervous system contour.
This is an advanced rig featuring following:

- realtime expression-based reposition/rescale/rerotation of different bodyparts
- FK mechanics
- IK mechanics that drive FK mechanics, individual for each limb, toes and body
- Biped mechanics that drive IK mechanics with some interpolation functionality
- dual IK spine, interpolated and readjustable by two swivels
- parameter node controlling the mix between FK/IK/Biped
- two controller channels for toes, both in IK and FK mode
- toes and hands independently crossfadeable between IK and Biped
- full rig, fully based on bones, complete with face and genitals.
- deformation zones on polygon level gives realtime, polygon-based wrinkling of skin

The hierarchical material buildup allows high detail with low memory demands.
- economical 2048x4096 main texture, enchanced by:
- specular 2048x4096 and normal 2048x4096 maps
- two fine detail maps mixed by black/white vertex paint
- skinspots map controlled by black/white skinspot level map

Achrona-specific texturing is separated for convenience, without these she will have a 'normal' human skin:
- Achrona neurotraces map 4096x4096 is mixed in from UV3
- Achrona specular map 4096x4096 controls body specularity relative to neurotraces map
- Achrona bump map 4096x4096 adds bumpiness and displacement of neurotraces map

Rendered in scanline mode and Mental Ray modes. Carries standard scanline materials, Arch&Design and SSS fast skin materials. Scenes have readymade lighting setups similar to previews.
Concept and design by the artist.

3D Studio Max 9 file.
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