Fitness Model Rigged and Animated

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Geometry:Polygonal Quads/Tris
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....::: Update :::....
28/1/2015 - shorts band skinning adjusted
28/1/2015 - Manual updated with facial GUI info

This is 3d model of a fitness model with a full body and facial rig.

This product includes 6 3ds Max versions:

1. Rigged for CAT Absolute layers, Setup for Mental Ray rendering
2. Rigged for CAT Motion layers, Setup for Mental Ray rendering
3. Animated, Setup for Mental Ray
4. Rigged for CAT Absolute layers, Setup for Default Scanline rendering
5. Rigged for CAT Motion layers, Setup for Default Scanline rendering
6. Animated, Default Setup for Scanline rendering

The product comes with a 17 page manual that covers The CAT rig functionality and render setting information. A preview of the manual with its table of contents is included in the preview images above.

Model is built to real-world scale and is 5 feet 9 inches(181cm) tall.

....::: TEXTURES :::....
The product has a total of 55 .jpg textures in two different resolutions (4096 x 4096 and 2048 x 2048). Only 24 of those textures are needed to render the product. The additional textures are different outfit colors.

-- Outfit colors --
8 top and shorts colors
8 sneaker colors
6 phone armband colors and
5 headphone colors

The max fie sits in folder containing all the textures that are needed for rendering.

All textures including additional textures are also provided in a different zip files called (160 mb)

....::: BODY AND FACIAL RIG :::....
The character is rigged and skinned with the CAT bone and muscle system and has a motion capture friendly bone hierarchy. (product manual contains instruction on how to add motion capture)

The rig has IK and FK controls for the hands, legs and spine.

Facial rig is controlled by the Morpher modifier and is wired to viewport sliders. Character also has a freeform (move,rotate,scale)jaw bone that can be combined with the morph dials to get varying mouth poses.

The characters chest and glutes are setup to use 4 CAT muscle strands.

The glute muscle strands are just used to hold volume of the glutes when the legs are hyper extended backwards.

The muscle systems act independently of the rig and will not affect any motion capture or stock animation imports. They will however react to all motions. further instructions on how to tweak the muscle settings are included in the manual.

....::: ANIMATION :::....
Character comes with a run cycle animation.

Animation is a seamless cycle and is intended to play for 39 frames.

A free preview video on how to load Mixamo animations onto this character via the Animation store in 3ds max is provided in the preview section above.

....::: POLYCOUNTS :::....
The meshes have a turbosmoth and/or an Edit Normal modifier applied to them. Those that have an Edit Normal modifier have all their normals unified (unified/soft normals provide smoothing without subdividing and compute very quickly).

Total polycount of character geometry

--Turbosmooth OFF--
Character = 65,662 polys, 70,582 vertices
Morph Targets = 51,624 polys, 60,513 vertices
Total = 117,286 polys, 131,095 vertices

--Turbosmooth ON--
Character: = 411,910 polys, 229,189 vertices
Morph Targets = 51,624 polys, 60,513 vertices
Total = 463,070 polys, 289,489 vertices.

***Free video showcasing full body and facial rig available for download
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