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Revit Family 2010
Product ID:686747
MasterFormat Code:...
UniFormat Assembly Code:...
OmniClass Code:...
Manufacturer:Janus et Cie.
Mfr Product Number:...
Only 2D:No
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This lounge chair (chaise longue or sun chair) was designed for outdoor placement in a garden, park, hotel swimmingpool deck or turistic resort. Its stylish modern design makes it suitable for decorating a more sophisticated render scene. This lounge chair it's a different version of the 3D model 'Lounge Chair Miramar', and it's part of the furniture set 'Miramar', that also includes a chai and table, besides those two lounnge chairs, as seen in the thumbnail images. Based in a real furniture element by outdoor furniture company 'Janus et Cie.'.
Fixed dimensions: Length (2150mm), Height (600mm).
Parametric dimension: Width.
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