Power UGS to Max 6

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3ds Max Plugin x32 2008
3ds Max Plugin x64 2008
3ds Max Plugin x32 2009
3ds Max Plugin x64 2009
3ds Max Plugin x32 2010
3ds Max Plugin x64 2010

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Product ID:580013
Category:Import/Export Filter
Host Application:3ds max
Host Version:2008 -> 2010
Operating System:Windows
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Power UGSToMax is the optimal solution for design visualization of native Unigraphics models and assemblies.

All of the nPower Power Translators are built from the ground up to solve today's difficult problems of getting quality CAD data into 3ds max. The Plug-in has been battle hardened in the most demanding productions at some of the best 3ds Max visualization rendering facilities in the world. The 3d Professionals spoke and we listened and together we derived the most advanced, best integrated, highest quality Max CAD translator on the market today.

Power UGSToMax is the answer to get those UG models and assemblies into MAX with the push of a button. Power UGSToMax reads native UG files and creates a 'Power NURBS' object to represent the precise geometry defined in these advanced CAD files. It can then create a mesh at render time to a specified user defined tolerance relative to the size of the object in the image. For example, a tolerance of 1/2 Pixel will produce an extremely high quality image with very smooth edges that do not have polygonal artifacts. The 'Power NURBS' object introduced by Power UGSToMax can have materials applied at the sub-object level and is able to utilize most MAX mesh modifiers (twist, UVMap, etc.). Power UGSToMax could easily pay for itself on a single project in time savings alone.

  • Native Translation of UG Models & Assemblies
  • Multi-processor mesh generation
  • Power Navigator Assembly Browser
  • Advanced surface repair and reconstruction
  • Full integration into 3ds Max
  • Import precise trimmed NURBS
  • Powerful face flipping tools
  • Duplicate face detection tools
  • NURBS caching technology
  • Automatic and manual sewing tools

nPower Tools v6 introduces the following improvements

  • Major Performance Improvements - including support for multi-threading and multi-processor machines
  • Improved Filleting
  • Improved Sewing UI
  • Improved Navigator Interface
  • 64-bit support for native translators
  • Reduced Memory Footpring - allowing for support of much larger models
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