Power Solids 6

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3ds Max Plugin x32 2008
3ds Max Plugin x64 2008
3ds Max Plugin x32 2009
3ds Max Plugin x64 2009
3ds Max Plugin x32 2010
3ds Max Plugin x64 2010

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Product ID:580008
Category:Procedural Object
Host Application:3ds max
Host Version:2008 -> 2010
Operating System:Windows
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Do you have models that are difficult and tedious to create with Patches or Polygons? Power Solids brings the power of Solids Modeling tools like Booleans, Filleting and Shelling into your 3ds Max environments.

Power Solids introduces support for a new type of shape representation called a Boundary Representation (BREP). This is the representation used in most modern day CAD systems. Robert McNeel's Rhino, Dassault's Solid Works and Catia, PTC's Pro Engineer, EDS's Solid Edge, Bentley's Microstation, Nemetschek's Vectorworks and Autodesk's Inventor are among the more popular CAD systems that use Boundary Representations as their primary form of shape representation. Our Boundary Representation uses double precision NURBS-based geometry and Non-Manifold Topology. Once created these models can be exported to CAD packages for post-process applications such as NC, Finite Element Analysis, dimensioning, assembly, manufacturing analysis, etc.

Key Benefits:

  • Export models to popular CAD formats like IGES and Rhino
  • Creation of BREP Assemblies to act as special grouping mechanisms specific to Power Solids objects
  • Support for BREP Booleans, Sweeps, Extrusions, Skins, Shells, Fillets, and many more advanced features

nPower Tools v6 introduces the following improvements

  • Major Performance Improvements - including support for multi-threading and multi-processor machines
  • Improved Filleting
  • Improved Sewing UI
  • Improved Navigator Interface
  • 64-bit support for native translators
  • Reduced Memory Footpring - allowing for support of much larger models
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