Power NURBS Surfacing 6

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3ds Max Plugin x32 2008
3ds Max Plugin x64 2008
3ds Max Plugin x32 2009
3ds Max Plugin x64 2009
3ds Max Plugin x32 2010
3ds Max Plugin x64 2010

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Product ID:580005
Category:Procedural Object
Host Application:3ds max
Host Version:2008 -> 2010
Operating System:Windows
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Power Surfacing integrates the world's leading edge NURBS surface modeling technology into the heart of Autodesk's 3ds Max. The Combination of nPower NURBS Surface Modeling combined with 3ds studio's Mesh Deformation technology, UI, animation and rendering provide one of the world's most sophisticated 3d Design concept environments available.

3ds Max with Power Surfacing redefines the 3d conceptual design environment.

Quickly sketch out your idea with our free form NURBS curve network. Easily, blend or multi rail sweep your curves into complex interconnected organic shapes. Intuitively re-sculpt your form on the fly while changes automatically propagate through you model. Easily project curves onto any NURBS surface to extrude, emboss or trim in new design features. Easily migrate your object to a high quality mesh and further sculpt your model with Max's free from mesh deformers and next generation Pro Boolean tools. Break free of old school NURBS Modeling applications and experience the freedom of design with Power Surfacing and Autodesk's 3ds Max.

nPower Tools v6 introduces the following improvements:

  • Major Performance Improvements - including support for multi-threading and multi-processor machines
  • Improved Filleting
  • Improved Sewing UI
  • Improved Navigator Interface
  • 64-bit support for native translators
  • Reduced Memory Footpring - allowing for support of much larger models
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