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Color Depth:24 bit
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Multiple Layers:No
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This texture collection of coins also avialable in 3D. Search Product ID: 558744

1 Kopek
1kop.jpg         -diffuse texture 1800x900
1kop-n.jpg         -normal texture 1800x900
1kop-s.jpg         -specular texture 1800x900
1kop-b.jpg         -bump texture 1800x900

2 Kopeks
2kop.jpg         -diffuse texture 2120x1060
2kop-n.jpg         -normal texture 2120x1060
2kop-s.jpg         -specular texture 2120x1060
2kop-b.jpg         -bump texture 2120x1060

3 Kopeks
3kop.jpg         -diffuse texture 2600x1300
3kop-n.jpg         -normal texture 2600x1300
3kop-s.jpg         -specular texture 2600x1300
3kop-b.jpg         -bump texture 2600x1300

5 Kopeks
5kop.jpg         -diffuse texture 3000x1500
5kop-n.jpg         -normal texture 3000x1500
5kop-s.jpg         -specular texture 3000x1500
5kop-b.jpg         -bump texture 3000x1500

10 Kopeks
10kop.jpg         -diffuse texture 2048x1024
10kop-n.jpg         -normal texture 2048x1024
10kop-s.jpg         -specular texture 2048x1024
10kop-b.jpg         -bump texture 2048x1024

15 Kopeks
15kop.jpg         -diffuse texture 2048x1024
15kop-n.jpg         -normal texture 2048x1024
15kop-s.jpg         -specular texture 2048x1024
15kop-b.jpg         -bump texture 2048x1024

20 Kopeks
20kop.jpg         -diffuse texture 2560x1280
20kop-n.jpg         -normal texture 2560x1280
20kop-s.jpg         -specular texture 2560x1280
20kop-b.jpg         -bump texture 2560x1280

50 Kopeks
50kop.jpg         -diffuse texture 3000x1500
50kop-n.jpg         -normal texture 3000x1500
50kop-s.jpg         -specular texture 3000x1500
50kop-b.jpg         -bump texture 3000x1500

1 Rouble (1970) Centennial of Lenin's Birth
1RUB.jpg         -diffuse texture 4000x2000
1RUB-n.jpg         -normal texture 4000x2000
1RUB-s.jpg         -specular texture 4000x2000
1RUB-b.jpg         -bump texture 4000x2000

1 Rouble (1967) 50 yrs of the Soviet Authority
1RUB_anniversary.jpg         -diffuse texture 3900x1950
1RUB_anniversary-n.jpg         -normal texture 3900x1950
1RUB_anniversary-s.jpg         -specular texture 3900x1950
1RUB_anniversary-b.jpg         -bump texture 3900x1950

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