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Toxic Compound(1)

Custom License
Gekko Corporation (d.b.a. Red Planet Cinema) End User License Agreement

QUICK-TERMS: Yes its Royalty-FREE like most everything sold on TurboSquid.   Just extra copyright text to protect objects from being folded into someone elses 3D model library.   So, enjoy making awesome animations with them and love to hear from you and see the results!

All EULA's may have newer updated terms and agreements available on the manufacturers or distributors web-sites and supersede the terms and agreements listed in the included installer when the legal language is more protective of the copyrights of the original owners or distributors.

COPYRIGHT MATERIAL: The 3D Models, Graphics, Textures, Scenes, Algorithms, plug-ins, marketing artwork and other files collectively hereto known as the 'Data' is copyrighted property of Gekko Corporation, Inc. All rights to the contents thereon are owned and reserved by Gekko Corporation, Inc. There may be additional parties who have granted Gekko Corporation, Inc. the right to include their material on this CD, their respective copyrights and trademarks are applicable and are bound to the extent that the right to use such material is specifically granted by this license. The license of the vendor you purchased the product through is also applicable to the copy protection of this product and supersedes where the legal language is more protective of the copyrights of the Gekko Corporation.

ROYALTY-FREE LICENSE TERMS: Gekko Corporation, Inc. grants to the consumer the non-exclusive, non-transferable right to copy, alter, combine and reproduce the content of the data in any derivative work hereto known as 'Works' created by the consumer, providing the following:

Using our products or content as reference information to create a competing products or content. Incorporation of our products or content in a competing product
or content.

Gekko Corporation and it's brokered vendor products or content cannot be bundled or re-incorporated into a library of products or content for commercial sale or freely distributed.

1. 'Works' created are not defamatory, misleading, pornographic in nature or otherwise unlawful.

2. 'Works' are not for a 3D Model library that is commercially for sale or given away for free.

3. Reasonable efforts shall be taken by the recipient of 'Data' to prevent the usage by other parties in breaking this agreement.

4. The consumer will indemnify Gekko Corporation, Inc. and its officers and agents ('Those Indemnified') for any and all losses, damages, liabilities, claims, costs or
expenses incurred directly or indirectly by those Indemnified in connection with the use of the 'Data' for any unlawful, unauthorized or prohibited purpose.


The purchaser is authorized to use one copy of the contents on a single computer or CPU, provided that it is used on only one computer or with one user at a time.
Modify the 'Data' and incorporate it into internal company and/or personal projects, and with the exceptions as detailed in Non-Authorized Uses, copy and modify the
'Data' and distribute copies thereof, in whole or in part, without credit acknowledgments to our copyright notice, provided that significant modifications are
made and that the final derivative is incorporated into materials that are to be designed for yourself or your clients. The primary use is to render as a part of
an animation.


The purchaser is NOT AUTHORIZED to transfer, distribute or sell the 'Data' and/or copies thereof where the intent is to form a library of 'Data' which is of similar
content or that would cause damage to the profitability of Gekko Corporation, Inc.'s revenues by competing with our 'Data' in the area of commerce. For example, you
may not use these products to create new models that are to become a part in singular form or as a library or any one-off commercial sales solution. The purchase is
also NOT AUTHORIZED to transfer the 'Data' to third parties through on-line services or other tangible sales. You cannot dumb down these models for video game
distribution without prior written consent which may require additional financial remuneration.


Included Formats
Lightwave .LWO
3D Model Specifications
Product ID:557791
UV Mapped:Yes
Unwrapped UVs:Unknown
TurboSquid Member Since April 2007
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The Gritty City - Toxic Compound is a perfect set enhancement for your favorite cityscapes. Use it stand-alone for that Day of the Dead or Military escapade. Includes eight highly detailed textured barrels, a cinder block and chain link fenced compound with chain and pad lock to keep the children safe. Comes with quick setup scene for Lightwave 3D. (tested up to LW 9.6, though should work as there are no plug-ins etc.).

INCLUDES: Windows based Installer. MAC purchasers, buy as WIndows version, install under Windows Emulator and contact us for a winzip of your purchase if there are any problems.

•10 Toxic Compound Props (.LWO)

Barrel - Spilling Toxic Waste
Barrel - Teal
Barrel - Corroded
Barrel Lid - Corroded
Barrel - Dented Rusty White
Barrel - Spilling Oil Waste
Barrel - Mars Red
Barrel - Blue with Paint Spatter
Barrel - Jupiter Rust
Chain Link Compound Structure


1 Asphalt Texture and Bump Map (3000x3000)
1 Barrel Side Texture and Bump Map (2877x2157)
1 Barrel Side Texture and Bump Map (2780x2123)
1 Barrel Side Texture and Bump Map (2877x2070)
5 Barrel Side Texture and Bump Map (2880x2160)
4 Barrel Top Texture and Bump Map (1725x1725)
2 Barrel Top Texture and Bump Map (1656x1656)
2 Barrel Bottom Texture and Bump Map (1725x1725)
1 Fence Texture (2370x2909)
1 Fence Alpha Map (2372x2911)
1 Lock Bottom Texture and Bump Map (2112x1166)
1 Lock Side Texture and Bump Map (593x973)
1 Lock Top Texture and Bump Map (2146x1185)
1 Rust Texture and Bump Map (2304x1494)
3 Pole Texture and Bump Maps (533x2780)
1 Toxic Spill Texture, Bump and Displacement Maps (600x600)
1 Oil Spill Texture and Bump Maps (600x600)
5 Wall Texture and Bump Maps (3000x3000)
1 Wall Top Texture and Bump Map (3000x247)

•Lightwave 3D Complete Scene (.LWS)

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