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This Stone Textures Collection feature a wide array of Marbles, natural stones, granits, travertines basalts for high end renderings.

Pictures have been shooted in a natural stone factory site on large blocks (minimum 50cm wide, maximum 3.80 m) with a professional camera in high resolution

Large area texture allow you to reduce the pattern effect typical of most of others available textures

All the textures have been meticulously processed:

• to make them tileable when it is pertinent ( marbles with very heterogeneous figure don’t really need to be seamless, since in real world they are used with rather repetitive slab )
• to remove lighting gradient
• to correct lens distortion
• to adjust colors according to their real world tint

All the jpeg pictures are with a minimum of jpeg compression 9

6 photoshops layers are provided as a tool to add joints to make your customized slab/tile (Square , rectangular , rectangular shifted , all with 2 variants of the joint : regular or irregular) and photoshop rulers guides to easily cut your differents slab/tiles from a main texture

bardiglio nuvolato bleu turquin nuagé grey blue cloudy marble italia / Breccia capraia marble/ Blue Addi marble / Rosso levanto marble / Rain forest green marble / white carrare - bianco carrara- blanc lavagnina marble italia / green Marble Vert Atlantique marble / calacata marble italian / rough warm grey marble / gold and red marble / Lucifer red marble / Black Saint laurent marble / porino granit spain 60 60 / kashmir white travertin brasil 60 45 / Azul Cascais Natural Stone Portugal / white burned crystal granit blanc cristal flamme granit spain 60 60 / Jerusalem natural stone / creme marfil marfil cream natural stone / pietra serena_natural stone / grey granit / basaltine basalt / grey blue marble / st hubert softened adouci portugal / comblanchien clair adouci natural stone / coffee stone burned marble spain 60 60 / matrix black granit / iranian Antigua green marble / Medium grey marble / pietra del cardoso soapstone / grey-gris bluette / light grey marble / Gold CALACATA marble / Onyx fantastic marble / Irish connemarble / ocre - yellow earth travertin / juparana colombo kashmir fantastico granit india / twister green granit brazil / emperador visenova marble marron imperial country / gold stone natural stone slate / grey slate stone / natural stone / tiger eyes gold marble / white aristo marble / Natural stone 3x3

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