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Copyright 2010 by Emiliyan G. Petkov
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3ds Max Plugin
Product ID:554252
Category:Procedural Object
Host Application:3ds max
Host Version:2008 and higher
Operating System:Windows
TurboSquid Member Since October 2008
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Overlay is a plug-in and a tool-modifier for overlaying (covering) faces and polygons of editable meshes with 2D and 3D objects. It has been developed for 3ds Max 2008 and higher 32- and 64-bit versions of the product.
Main benifits:
    - You can overlay any faces and polygons of editable meshes no matter how they are arranged in space.
    - The plug-in overlays with 5000 elements (3D meshes) a polygon in 54 seconds on a computer with Intel Core2 Duo CPU 2.00GHz and 2 GB RAM.
    - All overlaying elements can be attached or grouped in one object. If they are attached, you have: one object as a result; your work in the scene will be fluent; and the saved file will be smaller than if they are grouped.
Download OverlayPlugin_trial.zip and you will find the trial version of the plug-in, the user manual and installation instructions.
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