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Dec 22, 2010
This city is AMAZING! Full of detail. Looks great from aerial flyovers and even down close. It's so good you can even pick a location and make a rendering or animation right there. This model is an outstanding value. I can't believe how cheap it is! It's got water,a bridge, tons of buildings, roads, traffic lights, a stadium, docks, boats, plants and even cars! It's a complete city! You won't be sorry for buying this model- you'll be well pleased. I am!
Mar 3, 2015
It's a massive city and it would be awesome if I would be able to navigate in it! It contains thousands of objects and they aren't sorted in any way. Most are called "box" and aren't grouped. I'm using a workstation with 12 cores and 24 of ram and it's still really really slow. If all those objects would be grouped and it would be possible to somehow navigate I'd definitely rate 5 stars, because value of all these objects is outstanding. Unfortunately now I'll have to spend many hours figuring o
ATTENTION: this price is ridiculous and may not last for long!

I took about half a year to accomplish this and I didn´t do anything else, works or jobs meanwhile.
This is a realistic and complete urban scenery consisting of many, many contemporarybuildings, roads, traffic signals, including a stadium, a bridge, an ocean, an earthly ground and a 360º rotatable background as you can see in the animation below.
You also have roads outside the city where you can make rally (this is best seen in the animation).

You can even go to the moon through a tunnel after you pass the bridge. That earth/moon image you see above was made with this model. What more can you ask?
All objects are textured.

Unlike some large city models that only allow you to see the city scape from a distant view (fly-through animations...) or other models that can be seen closer but are just a block of a city, this model here is huge and allows you to see from a distance as well as close. It can be used for cinema, tv, games... everything.


I have to say this though: although this model is low-poly, it is so huge and has so many things that you will need a good computer to be able to manage this file.

For that reason I have now divided the model in 3 files. The file cita_main has all the buildings and roads; the file cita_less_buildings is not as important but it has many things like signals and trees, etc; the file bridge and boats has to do with the ocean part. If you wish you can merge some parts of the other files into the main file (cita_main) and they will appear in the same exact place where they were before I divided the model.

You can always cut or hide some portions of this collection if you think you don´t need them all, or you can copy some items to fill in where you think is emptier.

(Note: the file 'cita_main' also works in 3ds max 8)

Note: In the accompanying files you now have the whole city in one very compressed file 'cita full'. If you want it, you need to download and place that extracted file inside the 'CITA_venda' folder.

Thank you very much for your preference.

ATTENTION: this price is ridiculous and may not last for long!

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