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3ds Max Plugin 5.0
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thinkingParticles™ 5.0 is the next generation rule based particle system for 3ds Max and 3ds Max Design, offering unparalleled power to the user. thinkingParticles in its latest incarnation, Release 5, (R5) redefines Fluid, Rigid Body and Particle F/X simulation in a whole new way.

The advantage thinkingParticles delivers over event-based particle systems, (which works on triggers and time dependent events) made it the #1 choice of Unchartered Territory for creating Fluid, Rigid Body Dynamics and Particle Effects for their movie production of '2012.' thinkingParticles was the key production tool responsible for driving the most prominent special effects in the movie '2012'. Our latest additions to the software made it so powerful, it actually rendered the need for practical effects to zero!

Following is a list of features:

    * Fully Procedural Joint handling (Creation, Setting)
    * True Hierarchical Dynamics Breaking System
    * Low-Subframe Sampling Joint System with Fast Solving Speed
    * High Precision/Low Sub-Frame Sampling Rigid Body Dynamics Solver
    * All new ShapeCollison Operator, re-coded from scratch, to take advantage of modern Multi-Core Systems
    * Complete learning and training coverage! From beginners level, there are several hours of FREE Training Videos offered either directly from cebas or DVD tutorials from eat3d.
    * Fully rule-based particle system
    * 100% Scriptable DynamicSet and ParticleGroup Control
    * True Scriptable thinkingParticles Plugin Operators
    * Procedural referencing system for non-linear animation
    * Complete particle baking option into 3ds Max objects
    * Dynamics Simulation Recording for all particles
    * MatterWaves as rule-based operator included
    * Any 3ds Max object may be turned into a particle
    * Full hierarchical Condition and Operator workflow
    * One or many particles can be accessed at any time
    * Automatic and intelligent rule-based Object Fragmentation
    * Advanced Object Tracking features to handle mesh animation
    * Multi Purpose Complex Operators
    * Advanced and highly optimized Particle Dynamic Engine
    * Full support of Particle/Object interaction
    * Complete object parameter access 'through' particles
    * Advanced 'Blurp' Operator to handle complex particle morph effects
    * Ultra fast Real-time Particle/Object Collision Detection
    * Particles may be affected by 3ds Max geometry
    * Advanced Crowd Control Features
    * Instanced and morphable Skin or Physique Modifier support
    * Special IK handling routines for real-time Crowd Control
    * Advanced Wire Setup View for easier behavior setup
    * Real particle Paint Support (particles carry color information)
    * Extended PyroCluster support to access individual particles
    * 100% integration into 3ds Max workflow
    * All particle Space Warps are supported
    * Enhanced and real-time rule-based Dynamics Engine

This feature list represents only a fraction of the total features available which you can use to create powerful visual effects with thinkingParticles. The possibilities are endless.
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