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mi17 helicopter
mi17 helicopter
mi17 helicopter
mi17 helicopter
mi17 helicopter
mi17 helicopter
mi17 helicopter
mi17 helicopter
mi17 helicopter
Russian Mil mi17 support helicopter. Complete with interior and cockpit. Fully working dials in cockpit, rear and side opening doors.

model also comes with collision and level of detail models in groups.

Many of the most important textures are layered photoshop files.
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Product File Downloads
3ds Max 1 (.max)  20 MB
Renderer:Default Scanline
Other 1 (See Notes)  4.2 KB
Autodesk FBX 1 (.fbx)  31 MB
OBJ 1 (.obj)  2.7 MB
Other (See Notes)  69 MB
Other (See Notes)  12 MB
Other (See Notes)  43 MB
Other (See Notes)  61 MB
Other (See Notes)  3.0 MB
Other (See Notes)  52 MB
Other (See Notes)  6.9 MB
Other (See Notes)  45 MB
Other (See Notes)  67 MB
Other (See Notes)  5.7 MB
Other (See Notes)  548 KB
Other (See Notes)  50 MB
Other (See Notes)  53 MB
Other (See Notes)  39 MB
Other (See Notes)  49 MB
Other (See Notes)  59 MB
Other (See Notes)  30 MB
Other (See Notes)  6.2 MB
Other Files
EVU_kit_b.psd 22 MB
EVU_kit_c.psd 52 MB
EVU_kit_s.psd 53 MB
mi-17_main_rotor_c.tga 192 KB
mi-17_rear_rotor_c.tga 192 KB
mi17_cockpit_b.psd 45 MB
mi17_cockpit_c.psd 52 MB
mi17_cockpit_dials_b.psd 7.7 MB
mi17_cockpit_dials_c.psd 5.7 MB
mi17_cockpit_dials_glass_c.psd 113 KB
mi17_cockpit_dials_glass_o.psd 361 KB
mi17_cockpit_dials_glass_s.psd 1.5 MB
mi17_cockpit_dials_glass_texporter.jpg 67 KB
mi17_cockpit_dials_s.psd 27 MB
mi17_cockpit_Nb.psd 6.9 MB
mi17_cockpit_s.psd 67 MB
mi17_fuselage_b.psd 43 MB
mi17_fuselage_b.tga 12 MB
mi17_fuselage_c.psd 69 MB
mi17_fuselage_c.tga 12 MB
mi17_fuselage_Nb.psd 3.0 MB
mi17_fuselage_s.psd 61 MB
mi17_glass_b.tga 12 MB
mi17_glass_c.tga 12 MB
mi17_glass_o.tga 12 MB
mi17_glass_s.tga 12 MB
mi17_interior_b.psd 30 MB
mi17_interior_c.psd 49 MB
mi17_interior_s.psd 59 MB
mi17_main_rotor_o.tga 3.0 MB
mi17_needles_c.psd 548 KB
mi17_needles_o.psd 6.2 MB
mi17_rear_rotor_o.tga 3.0 MB
mi8_interior_b.psd 30 MB
mi8_interior_c.psd 48 MB
mi8_interior_s.psd 59 MB
ub_32_57_b.psd 39 MB
ub_32_57_c.psd 50 MB
ub_32_57_s.psd 53 MB
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Extended Uses May Need Clearances
The brand 'mil' has been associated with this product. Editorial uses of this product are allowed, but other uses (such as within computer games) may require legal clearances from third party intellectual property owners. Learn more.
3D Model Specifications
Product ID:535920
UV Mapped:Yes
Unwrapped UVs:Mixed
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