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FaceFX Plugin for Motio...
FaceFX Plugin for MotionBuilder
FaceFX Plugin for MotionBuilder
FaceFX Plugin for MotionBuilder
FaceFX Plugin for MotionBuilder
Supported packages:
  • 32/64 MotionBuilder 2009
  • 32/64 MotionBuilder 2010
  • 32/64 MotionBuilder 2011

Note: Unlike other FaceFX plugins, the MotionBuilder plugins do not have any scripting capabilities. GUI operations are the only way to interact with the product.

To evaluate the solution, download and install the evaluation installer:

  • Use the No-save FaceFX Studio evaluation to test the quality of audio analysis. Unlike the no-save studio evaluation which supports 7 languages with text, the plugin versions can only analyze English text. Other languages can be analyzed by the plugins with no text.
  • Use the phrase-locked evaluation plugins to test the plugin interface, character setup, and getting animation data into the animation package.   The plugins are fully featured except that they can only analyze audio corresponding to a specific phrase: 'Welcome to FaceFX! I've always wanted to say this: Live from New York, it's Saturday night!'
  • Use the free version of FaceFX Studio to create a phoneme mapping and face graph for your character for use with a commercial plugin license.

After purchase, you will receive a License code. Enter this code into the FaceFX License Manager to activate your license (internet connectivity required for license activation). Your phrase-locked evaluation plugin will now be licensed and fully-functional. You can use the License Manager to change the computer that is licensed at any time.

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