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3ds Max Plugin 2.0
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maxVR.qt 2.0 is a 3ds Max (2008-11) and 3ds Max Design (2009-11) plug-in that lets you easily create QuickTime MOV files for the web or CD-ROM.

QuickTime represents one of the most successful file formats for displaying 2D and pseudo 3D data on the web and is a common web standard supported by nearly every Multimedia Authoring tool. maxVR.qt uses the latest QuickTime technologyies, licensed and distributed by Apple, to create QuickTimeVR panorama files or Object QuickTimeVR MOV files. And best of all, 3ds Max lets you create 3D web content or CD-ROM productions in seconds! maxVR.qt 2.0 does it all with ease and full control.

Panorama QuickTimeVR MOV files enable you to present a 3D scene in realtime one even very 'old' computers. Panoramic renderings are usually used for interior views of complex 3D scenes. A 3D look is faked by mapping the panoramic rendering onto a simple sphere and allowing the user to move a virtual camera. The user may look all around and see every single detail of the 3D objects in a scene. The MaxVR.qt 2.0 plug-in automatically creates such panoramic renderings by using any of the available 3ds max/Design rendering methods. All spherical pre-distortion and pre- calculations are done by the plug-in without any user interaction. Any possible 3ds Max/Design image resolution may be used to create even the highest quality MOV files.

Object QuickTimeVR files are really cool! They enable you to distribute rendered 3D views of objects through the internet. Even old PCs are able to view 3D data created by this method. No 'real' processing power is needed to generate or calculate 3D data on the host system and this is only possible because the 3D object is pre-rendered from 'all sides'. Several views of the object are merged together in one single file along with the relevant camera data. The final 3D view of the object is done by playing back the images based on the point of view. The user gets the impression that she or he is moving freely around the object.

Yes, 3ds Max is able to handle MOV files to create still images or animation (AVI files). However, 3ds Max cannot create QuickTimeVR panorama files or Object QuickTimeVR MOV files. For the first time, maxVR.qt offers full support under 3ds Max and 3ds Max Design (VIZ) for Apple's QuickTime file format.

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