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Stone_Procedural_Grey_Light_1 - HIGH QUALITY PROCEDURAL stone material - Mental Ray shader

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This is a HIGH QUALITY Mental Ray PROCEDURAL (texture never repeats) Grey Stone Material.

- Shape of stones can easily be changed by changing the mortar line map!

This material can be used for closeups AND aerial views!

This complex, procedural material uses two procedural stone materials (one for the grout and one for the stone itself) and a mortar line map.

Zip file includes:
1. Detailed instructions to get you started (READ FIRST!!!).
2. Material
3. 12 high quality, tiled textures!!! (This is what it takes to make it procedural) - includes bump maps, displacement maps, and mortar line map.
3. Max file with material (which is what you should open first, after placing textures in correct location [READ INSTRUCTIONS]).

This material (shader) was created in 3ds Max2010 using Mental Ray.

- USES REAL-WORLD MAPPING COORDINATES. So make sure that your object or UVW map is set to use real-world mapping.

NOTE: You may see a repeated stone shape every once in a while but the texture on the stone and mortar is procedural and will never repeat.

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