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finalF/X Bundle 1.5, formerly known as ProOpticSuite, delivers a powerful bundle of special effects plug-ins for 3ds Max 2008-10 and 3ds Max Design 2009-10, not available as a single product anywhere else. The bundle includes finalFlares 1.5, finalDOF 1.5, pyrocluster and pyrocluster for mental ray 2 render licenses, all in a single affordable product.

The long-awaited successor to RealLensFlare II effects, the finalFlares engine has been used successfully by many major motion pictures and game titles today, including Lethal Weapon, Lost in Space, Schuh des Manitu, Command and Conquer, StarCraft and Diablo II, among many others.

The finalFlares plug-in offers the most sophisticated flare generation technology available for 3ds Max, and as a true atmospheric effect, it finally solves a long lasting problem - lens flares can finally be seen in and behind refracting or reflecting objects. Flares even appear correctly in fog! And the fun doesn't stop there. You can create particle flares using a special Particle Flow operator or the new ACAP technology, thinkingParticles 3.0, for even more control.

finalDOF is cebas's next generation effects tool, providing all purpose Depth Of Field (DOF) & Motion Blur render effects for the 3ds Max and Design. finalDOF is the first plug-in ever to break the borders of the newly introduced layered G-Buffer channels of 3ds Max versions 2008-10. With its full support of unlimited G-Buffer channels, finalDOF outperforms any standard 3ds max Render Effect. High quality Anti-Aliasing Reconstruction after applying a render effect is only possible with the use of all sub-pixel information available from the Renderer.

pyrocluster offers state of the art volume acceleration rendering technologies, and it is by far one of the fastest and most flexible 3D smoke/cloud generators for 3ds Max and Design. To guarantee a flawless integration into 3ds Max, many new workflow and design concepts have been introduced. pyrocluster is now much more user friendly and offers even better control over volumetric effects, like any other tool for 3ds Max.

Beyond flares, this finalFlares plug-in suite provides impressive glows and highlights that can be used to create everything from subtle blooming on metallic surfaces, to full-on planetary auras, and shimmering effects over your objects. Glows can be controlled down to the material level or placed solely on the edges of selected objects to achieve beautiful results.

Every 3ds Max conform renderer with full support of layered G-Buffer channels can benefit from the immense render power of finalDOF. Until now, a true Depth of Field rendering took several minutes to render with a raytracer, like finalRender or mental ray, and maybe it took days to render such effects with other renderers. FinalDOF on the other hand renders in near REALTIME and allows interactive rendering of DOF and Motion Blur effects right from within 3ds Max.

Some of the main features in finalFlares are :

-PFlow support through special operator
-100% Multithreaded Lensflare Calculation
-Advanced ThinkingParticles 2.0 support
-Glows can be seen through and behind objects
-The first ever 3D Atmospheric Lensflare Effect
-Real Mirroring and Refraction of Lensflare Effects
-Object Glow with Distance Fading
-Velocity controlled Lensflare Effects
-Glow Effects may write to G-Buffer channels
-Correct Fading behind Opacity Mapped Objects
-Glow with 'Blooming Feature'

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