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3 Compartment Sink

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Revit Family 2009
Revit Family 2010
AutoCAD drawing 2007
DXF 2007
MicroStation Drawing File 2007
Product ID:496149
MasterFormat Code:22 42 00
UniFormat Assembly Code:
OmniClass Code:
Family:Plumbing Fixtur
Manufacturer:Green World Com
Mfr Product Number:TSA-3-14-D2
Only 2D:No
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Revit family plumbing fixture, detailed plumbing system for indirect drain can be extended along the wall by instance parameter. 3-compartment sink based upon Green World Compartment Sinks, model TSA-3-14-D2. The fixture is flippable by control in the center allowing the indirect drain system can be extended along the wall. The sink is renderable as shown. MEP ready with Hot/Cold water piping connectors in place for the faucet.
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