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Apr 16, 2013
Mr.Studio is a tool to simulate studio lighting with Mental Ray. It has some features to simplify the control of lights and provide previews.

-When you press Create Studio Button, Mr.Studio creates the bended ground plane and four lights. If there is some object or objectsselected, Studio will be built around the center of selection. Groundwill beplaced to the bottom of selection. Mr.Studio will inform you that itwill change unit and render settings. Save your important work beforeproceed.

-Delete Studio button will delete the lights and ground plane, it doesnt effect the presets.

-Left, Right and Back Lights are Photometric Area Lights. Their areasampling samples are set to 128. If you want you can increase ordecrease this value or area sampling totally. Ambient Light is an omnilight,which has a ambient occlusion shader as a projector map. It practicallycreates an overall ambient light with ambient occlusion. AmbientOcclusion options are accessible through its shader, which could befound in the second material slot.

-It is possible to change each lights value and color interactivelyfrom ui. Slider and spinner values are synchronized for easier usage,but it is possible to go over slider limits using spinner values.


-Preview button provides an easy overlook for direction and intensityof lights, softness of shadows, color of lights etc. It reducessampling values for both area lights and ambient light for reduce the preview rendering time.

-There are three seperate Store buttons. While a store button ischecked, all light and color values will be stored in correspondingstore button. These values will be stored in there with the projectfile. So closing and opening the script, even closing and opening Maxwont cause any loss.

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