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J.S. BACH - Prelude and...
J.S. BACH - Prelude and Fugue BWV 881
J.S. BACH - Prelude and Fugue BWV 881
Bach, the most celebrated master of the art of Fugue, is now at your service for your projects! This edition has a splendid and dramatic Full Orchestra version of the Prelude and Fugue BWV 881: if you dreamt to create an astonishing dramatic sequence like those of 'The Aviator' by Martin Scorsese, now you can do it: you have our full symphonic orchestra at your service!

Royalty Free Edition in 3 versions: Harpsichord, Piano, Orchestra! 7 minutes of music for three versions: 21 minutes of Royalty Free Music to be freely used with every type of project.

Videos, Games, DVDs and CD-ROMs, Films, Presentations, Architectural Visualizations, TV Radio Productions and Documentaries!

This is the Music you were looking for!

This FILE is a 143 b.87 b./4.55 min.1.55 min. 1411 kBit/s .WAV CD QUALITY Classical Music File with real Classical instruments.

This is a Royalty Free File. Once you have purchased it, you are granted the possibility of re-using it for any type of project and do not pay every time you use it.

Here you have also a preview file, both MPG and WMV, which will let you enjoy the hi-level quality of our Music Productions.

This product is perfect for any type of project: Video, Game, Presentation, Film, Documentary, TV and Radio Production, Architectural Visualization, CD-ROM, DVD-ROM, Interactive...

Any time you need Music for your work our Free Music is at hand.

PRELUDE XII & FUGUE XII IN 3 VERSIONS:Harpsichord, Piano and Orchestra!

BWV 881 [W.K. N. 12]
The well tempered Clavichord:
Version A-Harpsichord
Version B-Piano
Version C-Orchestra
Bach-Gesellschaft Ausgabe, Leipzig [1874].

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WAV Orch A (.wav)  42 MB
WAV Harps B (.wav)  17 MB
WAV Piano B (.wav)  18 MB
WAV Orch B (.wav)  17 MB
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