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J-2 Rocket Engine

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Surface material mapping for 3ds and obj
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This is a High Definition 3D model of the J-2 engine used on the Saturn V second (S-II) and third (S-IVB) stages to launch man into earth orbit and onward to the moon.

Modeled with precision using detailed 1:48 scale blueprints, schematic diagrams and extensive photographic research.

2 high resolution bump maps accurately depict inner and outer engine bell surface corrugation details.

Manufactured by the Rocketdyne division of North American Aviation,
the J-2 is an upper stage engine producing 225,000 pounds of thrust, via the biopropellant mixture of liquid hydrogen (LH2) and liquid oxygen (LOX). The engine can be restarted in flight as was the case when after achieving earth orbit it was ignited a second time to propel the Apollo spacecraft toward the moon. Stabilising scissor ducts are used to support the fuel inlet bellows as they bend and rotate during engine gimbaling.

Although historically used solely on the Saturn V launch vehicle, the J-2 has undergone some modifications (renamed J-2X) and will be used on the upcoming Ares Constellation project that will take man back to the moon after nearly half a century.

The J-2 could also serve as a general purpose engine for 3D modelers interested in designing more futuristic or fantasy spacecraft.

The Lightwave version of this model has morph targets for gimbaling the engine. Please download the attached video preview file to see this in action. For customers using other 3D applications, they can download the free LightWave Discovery version to view the Lightwave morph setup and apply it to their preferred 3D package.

Modeled with Lightwave 9.0


16th January 2010

New morph target models (obj format) added for non-Lightwave customers to re-build all J-2 engine gimbal target morphs in other 3D applications. Please download new Accompanying Product Files.

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