Nervous System Male / Female Combo

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Maya 2015 mental ray
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Geometry:Polygonal Quads/Tris
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Unwrapped UVs:Mixed
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Central Nervous System Male / Female Combo

-Central Nervous System including Detailed Brain
-X-Ray Shader for the Skin (Ready to render exactly as shown)
-Each bone is select-able and named / grouped properly for easy organization
-Real World Scale (Male: 6 feet 2 inches, 1.89 meters, 74.6 inches) (Female: 5 feet 10 inches)
-Displacement map for extreme detail
-Clean edge-loop based topology
-Light set up ready to Render
-Maya 2015+ compatible

Brain includes the following:
asymmetrical Cerebrum, Anterior_Commissure, Pauamen, Caudate Nucleus, Thalamus, Ventricular System of the Brain, Corpus Callosum, Hippocampus, Amygdaloid, Olfactory, Indusium Griseum, Cerebellum, Pons, Substantia Nigra, Subthalamic Nucleus, Medulla Oblongata, Medullary Pyramid, Gracile Tubercle, Cuneate_Tubercle, Brain Stem and Optic Nerves.

Body_Displacement.tif (4096x4096) 32 MB
Arm_Displacement.tif (4096x4096) 32MB
Arm_Color.tif (4096x4096) 48MB
ImageBasedLighting.hdr (2048x1024) 6.41MB
Madible_Color.tif (1024x1024) 3MB
Mandible_Displacement.tif (2048x2048) 8MB
Leg_Color.tif (4096x4096) 48MB
Leg_Displacement.tif (4096x4096) 32MB
Pelvis_Color.tif (4096x4096) 48MB
Pelvis_Displacement.tif (4096x4096) 32MB
Ribs_Color.tif (8192x8192) 213MB
Skeleton_Torso_Color.tif (8192x8192) 268MB
Skeleton_Torso_Displacement.tif (8192x8192) 128MB
Skull_Color.tif (4096x4096) 71.8MB
Skull_Displacement.tif (8192x8192) 128MB
Maxilary_Teeth_Color_Color.tif (2048x2048) 12MB
Maxilary_Teeth_Displacement.tif (2048x2048) 8MB
Mandibular_Teeth_Color.tif (2048x2048) 12MB
Mandibular_Teeth_Displacement.tif (2048x2048) 8MB
Brain_Color.tif (4096x4096) 48MB
Brain_Displacement (4096x4096) 32MB

-Contact the author via 'Support Ticket' for any questions
-This model will be updated upon request

All Preview images are rendered with Mental Ray.
It is recommended that you render using the camera named 'Perspective' for best results.
Clean File paths are setup to allow no hassle setup.
-ImageBased Lighting, Additional Lighting and Indirect Lighting is set up ready to render.
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