Video Workshop 3dsmax 2009 design vol.2 english

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Workshop 3dsmax 2009 Design volume 2 english

In this second course dedicate to 3dsmax 2009 Design
you will find matters very interesting respect the use
of the new Mental ray 3.65.

Particular attention is dedicate to the new technology
mental ray proxy that will allow you to manage scenes of
you raise dimensions.

Realize vegetation for external in Mental ray.
You will find a complete panning of all the new materials
mental ray Pro material.

The management of the cordinates uv reported architectural
to the new materials and the material editor.
A part of the course is dedicate to the analysis of important concepts
for accelerate the workflow of the animations.
Besides complete analysis of the new tools Render Frame Window
for accelarate a lot of proceduresfor the parameters of Mental ray.
Analysis of new tools dedicate to the assisted animation.
Analysis of the new saving methods of the data in memory
for fast rendering.

In the progress they are present files 3dsmax 2009 and relative texture
you will have available scenes to study the materials scenes,
of insides, scenes of external vegetation, scenes of outside and
scenes of design.
The files are of free use.

Accurate translation English through Naturally Dragon Speaking
They are present: video avi - codec xvid - resolution 1024 xes 768.
The course lasts around 7:00 hours, language english.

Index lessons:

3dsmax2009_v2_001_Rendered Frame Window
The new window of control rendering, first part.

3dsmax2009_v2_002_Rendered Frame Window
The new window of control rendering, second part.

The new window of control rendering, third part.

The news in the Final Gahter.

Reuse the geometry for fast job.

How accelarate a project of job with this technology.

To understand the management of the classical proxies in 3dsmax.

To understand the management of the classical proxies in 3dsmax second part.

The new Mrproxies of Mental ray.

To manage the options of the Mrproxy.

To manage the materials and the Mrproxies.

To realize animated Mrproxy.

To realize vegetation with the Mrproxies.

The new technology Bps2 in relationship to the Mrproxy.

A new tool of animation in 3dsmax 2009.

Use the Mrproxies in the walktrough.

Tips to realize animations.

The new Pro material generic of mental ray.

To manage the glossy in the Pro material generic.

To manage the bump in the Pro material generic.

Mak21 is an operator 3dsmax certified advanced level DISCREET
Mak21 is an operator 3dsmax certified advanced rendering AUTODESK
Mak21 is an operator 3dsmax certified architectural visualization AUTODESK

download the index for complete description

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