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Feb 23, 2008
I couldn't give this product only 1 star because there was some useful information on the DVD. I only gave this product 3 stars because for the price I expected something better, more professional, and a lot more content. Overall, the training on this DVD is no better than tutorials that other users create for free and post on YouTube. Save your money and search around the internet for tutorials and just experiment with the tutorials that come with FumeFX. This product is not worth the cost.
Aug 13, 2008
A lot of useful info but the instructor doesn't go as step by step as one should in a tutorial, often times clicking on different tabs and adjustments to where the user has to often pause and go back to simply see what was clicked on, etc. You can tell the instructor knows his stuff but it'd be nice if he'd slow down, explain what he's doing and what each setting does. As in how should I know if I should increase a value by 1 or 0.1? That type of stuff. Overall good stuff though, I'm learnin
Oct 19, 2011
Nov 4, 2011
Effects specialist and Autodesk Master Allan McKay has created a brand new training DVD for users interested in coming up to speed with the powerful Autodesk Certified Animation plug-in FumeFX.

This DVD demystifies the various controls for making believable FumeFX simulations. You'll be amazed at what the FumeFX engine is capable of, creating everything from animated burning paper and huge fiery explosions to bubbling caudrons and dirt/dust effects.

This 3.5 hour training course is perfect for new users who want to get up speed quickly with the sophisticated FumeFX plug-in, as well as for intermediate users who want to tweak their effects for astonishing results. Sample files are included so you can dissect or modify them later to achieve an even deeper understanding of this plug-in technology.

Course outline:

Project 1: Getting Started
Total Running Time: 34:58

Project 2: Campfire
Total Running Time: 57:17

Project 3: Magic Cauldron Part 1
Total Running Time: 17:33
Sample Video

Project 4: Magic Cauldron Part 2
Total Running Time: 14:43

Project 5: Breaking Ground
Total Running Time: 11:33

Project 6: Burning Paper
Total Running Time: 30:01
Sample Video

Project 7: Explosion
Total Running Time: 19:55
Sample Video

Project 8: Adding Fuel
Total Running Time: 29.25

TOTAL DVD Running Time: 3 hours, 35 minutes

Be aware that this DVD has been created at a resolution of 1024x768 and will only run from a DVD Drive connected to your PC.

All sales of this DVD are final. NO REFUNDS.

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