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DIZZYLABS:: Rustic Architectural Textures - GameStash

This texture is a part of DizzyLabs Gamestash:: Rustic Architectural Textures pack representing the worn and stressed architectural parts and details standardized for the game development production.
Rustic Architectural Texture pack is comprised of many categories such as: Fronts, Windows, Doors, Walls etc. which can be purchased per texture or per category(Fronts, Walls etc.)

Rustic Architectural Textures are also available in standard (non game ready) format at different price points.
-To view standard version of this texture please type texture name and replace letter 'G' (which represent game ready texture), with a letter 'S' (which represent standard texture).
Example: Rename DLRUS_Front_01_G_TH_C to DLRUS_Front_01_S_TH_C

About GAME STASH series::
DizzyLab's GAMESTASH texture series are made by professional game artists providing you with the invaluable out-of-the-box standardized solution to boost up your productivity in any game production pipeline, while respecting all the standards in today's game art production.

- Shot with professional SLR digital cameras to ensure best quality and high-resolution.
- Corrected lens distortion and vignetting.
- Removed lighting gradations.
- Textures are tiled in power of 2 dimensions ready for use in ANY GAME ENGINE.
- Additional map types: Bump, Normal, Displacement, Transparency.
- Ready to use with polybump/offset/parallax mapping realtime shaders.
- Componental texture design for easy derivation of new textures from existing ones.
- HiResolution - most textures are 2048x2048px.
- Highest quality setting JPEG compression, 24 bit RGB.

Stressed and worn pillar/beam texture ready for usage in any game production pipeline.

Detailed texture set description:
Dimensions in pixels: 512 x 2048
Tiling info: Textures are tiled only in horizontal direction.
Texture maps included:
        -Color map
        -Bump map
        -Normal map
        -Displacement map

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