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TerrainView-IVC Exporter Plug-In

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Jul 23, 2007
Jun 11, 2008
Apr 8, 2010
The TerrainView IVC Exporter plug-in allows to export 3D models from Autodesk 3ds MAX and Autodesk VIZ 2007 in an optimized 3D file format which can be visualized in real-time in TerrainView and TerrainView-Globe. TerrainView-Globe is a virtual globe solution and allows you to model, visualize and explore the entire earth in 3D accessing terabytes of geodata in real-time. TerrainView-Globe supports the global reference system and offers space-to-street-level 3D data in superior rendering quality. Value-add products include TerrainView-Video™ to generate professional digital movies using standard video codecs; TerrainView-Remote Control™ to support live video streams and dynamic entities, represented in real-time inside the 3D terrain model; TerrainView-CMAX™, a multi-head, multi-channel 3D visualization system, for large and panoramic screens, as well as CAVE (Cave Automatic Virtual Environment) environments.

* Billboard support
* Level of Details (LOD) and visible distance
* Node masks to specify penetrable or non-penetrable features
* State set to define the order, objects are rendered
* Sequencer to add animations

Fast and easy interactive visualization of 3D content which was built with 3ds max or Viz. Direct integration in the VR environments of TerrainView and TerrainView-Globe. The created file format (*.IVC) can be visualized with TerrainView-Lite which is free of charge.

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