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Chain Linked Fence Sect...
by Mr3dPHD
Chain Linked Fence Section (Seamless)
Chain Linked Fence Section (Seamless)
Photographic seamless texture of a chain linked fence. Created from a photograph in Adobe Photoshop. Repeats seamlessly in all four directions.

Available in JPG, RGBA, or PSD format. RGBA and PSD format includes an alpha channel, and PSD format keeps the texture in a separate layer from the background, so it can be easily composited to any texture file. An opacity map in JPG format is also provided.

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Photoshop (.psd)  72 KB
SGI RGBA (.sgi, .rgb)  73 KB
Other Files
ChainLinkedFenceSegment_SEAMLESS_Opacity.jpg 21 KB
Opacity Map
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Texture Maps Specifications
Product ID:313293
Color Depth:24 bit
Alpha Channel:Yes
Multiple Layers:Yes
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