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3ds Max Texture 5
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102 matlibs 3D Studio Max Texture (*.mat) with 63 bitmaps (in resolution from 500 to more than 1520 pixels). Each

matlibs contain various type of material (stone, metal, reflect metal and raytrace metal). Some of material

contan transparency from bitmap with Alpha chanel (for example material of type 'guard' or 'metal'), also some

materials are made with special shines with level of specular (made from specular bitmap).

Put texture(s) *.jpg to folder Maps and file *.mat to folder Matlibs. This folders are in a root folder of

program 3ds max.

Created in:         3ds max R5.1
Compatibility:        3ds max R5.x and higher

If a material slot - Displacement is active, and you want to use it, you have to applicate
it to object modify Displacement Approx.. (This is same as bump map but affect to shape of object
and also is exacting to CPU and RAM).

Materials contains:
Diffuse bitmap
Specular bitmap
Transparency / Alpha channel bitmap
Reflection bitmap

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