Pfalz DIII Bare Metal

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Geometry:Polygonal Quads/Tris
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Unwrapped UVs:No
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Pfalz D.III is built very near to scale. The exposed engine is very detailed. Even valve springs and push rods are modeled in the top end of the exposed engine. The radiator and fuel tank are also modeled and located accurately in the top wing. The cockpit is detailed with controls and the instruments are included along with the wood structure of the cockpit area. The instrument panel is modeled as well as the independent compass mounted in the floor on the right side. The model includes animateable ailerons, elevators, rudder, propeller, controls, and some engine parts. The model is completely textured revealing an accurate representation of the wooden structure of the wings tail and stabilizers as well as control surfaces. It is available in 10 different formats.

The Pfalz DIII was developed by Rudolph Gehringer as a new fighter design in late 1916 and produced for the Imperial German Air Service between 1917 and the wars end.
It used a plywood monocoque construction, the resulting Pfalz was strong and maneuverable, but was labor intensive to build and expensive.
The Pfalz was powered with the six Mercedes DIII.a water cooled engine. The radiator was mounted in the upper wing opposite from the fuel tank. The Pfalz D.III was very popular until the middle of 1918 when it was outclassed and relegated to training of pilots. The Pfalz D.III served until the end of WWI when they were destroyed.
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