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Paid Work For iPhone Artist
Posted 13-Aug-2011 3:46 PM
Modified by Brendon Ross On 17-Aug-2011  9:20 PM

I am offering paid ongoing work for the development of art for my iPhone apps. 
I am prepared to pay for completed items, or negotiate prices for groups of items. 
I currently have 3 apps needing artwork. 

The first if on the iStore, called Final Grade. I would like an artist to help me improve the style and appeal of that app before I update the code. 
The second is a Texas Hold'em utility for online players to use while playing. I need a number of items including buttons, backgrounds, and icons.
The third is a touch tile car game. I need art such as top down cars, trucks, road tile sets, backgrounds, etc. 

If any or all of these interest you, please contact me ASAP. These projects will not drag out for months on end. 

The first app Final Grade is already released and I am updating code now. When I have the artwork I will update with in 2 weeks.
The second app is functional, and expect to complete coding and testing by the end of August.
The third app is being drawn up and developed on paper, with coding expected to begin at the beginning of September, and launch by beginning of October. 

Please email me if you would like to discuss terms for work and payment. 
email me!
Brendon Ross

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