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Need Simple Game Sprites
Posted 16-Feb-2010 8:56 AM

I'm in the middle of a few game projects for Google's Android and was wondering if anybody knew of some good sites for free, public domain sprites.  I've used Turbosquid in the past for 3d models and was hoping they would have a sprite collection as well but apparently their 2d art is mostly limited to textures.  Any suggestions?
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RE: Need Simple Game Sprites
Posted 20-Feb-2010 12:38 PM

What kind of sprites are you looking for? I have some top down spaceship sprites. I used to have them posted on here for free. Problem with searching for "sprite" on TS is that we are not allowed to use this word in our keywords.

Anyway let me know if you can use the top down spaceship sprites and I'll upload them for ya for free and you can use them under the terms of the TS EULA
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